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Typography and Talks

28 Mar

This week Louise McWhinnie gave a lecture Typography and Composition. This was a brief lecture on the do’s and don’t of graphic design.

It raised design questions in regards to our final book and how we can present the information that we researched.

The main purpose was to show how our presentations can also communicate the concept of our designs

This was summed up nicely with the quote “typography is the means which a written idea is given visual form”

Timing wise this was quite ironic as we had our presentations straight after.

(I’m sure we were all analysing our slides and noticing all the things we would have changed if we could… oh well)

The presentations gave way to ideas and questions about Newtown that we researched ;such as street food, gentrification, performance spaces, green initiatives,lighting, etc). It was interesting to see all these different  potential aspects of Newtown and  how different people approach these topics.

It most definitely broaden the social characteristics of Newtown.