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What to do…What to do?

7 Mar

Not going to lie,this week was a bit of  a confusion to begin with. Its safe to say that i think we were all in the same boat in finding a way to attack the research topics…but we got there in the end.

As a group we divided the project into research topics.

  1. History
  2. Time vs. User
  3. Transport/Services
  4. Demographics

From this all the technical aspects were divided into investigation areas of our sites precinct.

After getting a chance to  research Newtown in general while focusing on its demographics the direction was more evident. Looking at the ABS stats for the area gave a good profile of the community , along with council information.

It was soon realised that King St. was the boundary line for Sydney City Council and Marrackville Council! (so this included a lot of back and forth and comparing of  information to get the whole picture)

To determine our physical areas to survey for the technical component we met on site and walked around the precinct and chose areas to document. From this we also sumbitted our area on interest for our presentation so we could get the research going. I chose my  inverstigation to be based around:

” How does the demographics and sense of community impact the social/ dining and bar culture of Newtown?”