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True to Content & Context

9 May

This week we recived a lecture about book binding and diffrent was to present you research that we have gathered from our topic.

It was all about telling the story of work and design ideas and the best way to convey it in the form of a book. It is necessary to display this content in the right context so that there is a visual language between the two elements.

Topics covered that gave us idea for our books that we will publish were:

  • Diffrent paper stocks
  • Formats of books
  • Binding techniques
  • Design details
In terms of binding.  I want to keep it quite eclectic and somewhat  “raw” and unfinished.
I like the use of a variety of diffrent paper stocks to add to this desired feel.
I’m  aldo tossing up the idea of having it in the form of a Menu layout or a series of takeaway pamplets.
Some binding ideas have for my book that i have considered are:

Japanese Stab Binding Technique