Answering a question with a question.

18 Apr

It was decided that it was all good and well to have my concept all ready to go, guns blazin’ and all.

But what I needed to move forward in the most productive manner  was a plan of what my objects were and the way to execute them.

And what better way to do it with a map ( love a good map!)

It was a good way to sort out what my vision for my conceptual idea, the goals which i am trying to achieve within Newtown and a strategy on how to follow through with these goals.

It sorted out a lot of  similar and “paraphrased” ideas and stripped away all the bullshit and fluff that comes about when conceptualising an idea and trying to realise it. It got it down to the essence of what i wanted to achieve and the values that it embodies.

Below is the what i want it terms of my design and what basis of what will form my foundation for the idea of street food in Newtown:

Plan of Action

In the end, the final question that I am attempting to answer is:

“How can Street Food enhance Newtown and it’s sense of community”

…Let’s do it!


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