Food for thought

4 Apr

Studio this week involved a Concept generation workshop to help develop our ideas and raise thoughts that we hadn’t even considered.

This was in the form of group criticism and evaluation of our concept that we developed in the previous project.

This was useful for creating ideas and possibilities from our research. The concept of street food was brought up and an explanation of the ideas behind it were explained. From this group feedback was given which started the conversation of street food in Newtown. Suggestions, considerations and criticism were received in hopes to come up with a better thought process and thus a better concept/design.

In summary some areas that were flagged were:

  • Users: The mythotype of the user.
  • Site: requirements,possible sites and events
  • Structure/ Set-up: how the concept translates into this, ideas of lay out,etc
  • Community: how the community relates, collaboration with community garden, “shop local” initiatives

After thought and mapping,this was then all refined into the final question to form a foundation of our concept of our major work, this question is:

“How can the need for Street Food in Newtown enhance the sense of community?”

On the idea of food and the community…

I also came across an article discussing the idea of how we can connect food production to food consumption which was raised as a part of the Ideas festival which is currently taking place, the event is described as:

“Not just for nerds, the 2011 Ideas Festival is a conversation starter. Have a chat with a few hundred of your neighbours and be inspired by our guests as we dissect ideas old and new. As the 2011 Ideas Festival invites you to delve a little deeper into the themes of food futures, sustainability and happiness, things are bound to get a little bit deep and meaningful.

The “conversations” that it develops are intriguing and innovative …as I’m sure is also true of the ideas that it would produce.

It is a fascinating initiative!

The particular question they are posing that is of interest is “How might we better connect food production and consumption?”

Take a look at some of the questions and ideas that are being put forward

This idea of Street Food just may be a solution to this problem.


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