Urban gentrification close to home.

21 Mar

At this point research is well underway..

searching through countless databases and newspaper articles to find relevant information, one of these was a Sydney food event last month (February) that was extremely popular: “Malaysian Kitchen“. This was used as a good model to see how this type of food would be received by Sydneysiders.

In order to find out how the event was organised, I tried going thought City of Sydney council to see if I could review their DA. I soon found out that this is quite a lengthy process that required owner’s signatures and other information I did not have access to. It was just best to contact Malaysian Kitchen directly.

A site visit meant venturing out to Waterloo to visit Danks St. Depot. Which was an example of gentrification and how a thriving oasis could be realised in the middle of industrial Waterloo. The site is a culmination of various artist studios and café. This area is creates a unique design community as it acts as a location of cross-pollination where creative people can meet, collaborate and exchange ideas.

Layout of Danks St. Depot

This has had a  flow on effect in the  surrounding area (with places such as the PYD design centre, Fratelli Fresh and new residential developments)

This example was then contrasted by the Meriton development further up the street, where it is quite diffrent atmosphere.

At Danks St. Depot buildings are being built/ readapted  for the activity and business taking place inside… as opposed to the Meriton development where business having to fit the building that it occupies. In the end there needs to be a design language between a business and the building that it is in.


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